Sunday, October 17, 2010

It has been awhile......

I guess time flies when you are busy.... School started since I last posted and here are our cute girls ready to go on their first day. I love having them all with me all day (Maddie is in all day kindergarten). They all love school, have great teachers, and work really hard to do well.
Around the house we have made some progress since the end of August.... slow, but steady right??? We are getting sick of always working on the house, but it is starting to pay off. I have a working kitchen - it is not all finished, but it works and we can cook. It was starting to get cold in the mornings having to get our cereal outside so we were all grateful for the chance to stay inside to get our milk, and it is really nice using real dishes and not plastic and paper for everything! The small things...Here is the picture of my hood above my range. Yes, it is blue and I love the way it turned out. You can kind of see in the corners of the pictures the cream which is the rest of my cabinets color. They don't have doors or shelves yet, but they will be soon (at least the shelves!)
My double ovens that work.... I have had lots of people come in and laugh that I have two ovens, I'm not really known for my cooking abilities and don't use one oven very often, but there are two reasons - 1. the looks and 2. I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year so I'm am sure I will use both of them on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

We have an island in the middle of the kitchen and Ryan built the countertop out of cherry. I love having the island and I like the look that cherry gave the kitchen with all of my painted cabinets. I'll have to take some pictures a little farther out now so the full effect can be seen.

And this last weekend was fall break for us so we had 2 days off school. We had planned to go to Vernal for the weekend, but ended up just working on the house all weekend. We painted all of the moldings on the main floor (pain) and then moved our bed upstairs into our bedroom, moved some furniture out of my sisters shed into the house, I painted the piano black, and then the girls and I got a few decorations out. We still have quite a ways to go, but the house is liveable now and we can be upstairs - I was starting to feel claustraphobic in the basement!!! Here is our living room with a little bit of furniture - nothing on the walls yet - but that will come. You can still see all the dust on the furniture. My niece Whitney and I washed our wood floors 4 times in one day (Friday) and I woke up on Saturday and they were dusty again..... it will take awhile to get rid of all the dust.

Now it is on to the bathrooms upstairs and back to the outside to get it finished up before winter sets in.


Jody said...

The piano turned out nice!!! It was good to talk to ya the other day, I need to come by and visit!! The house looks great!

Shelley Hansen said...

Looking good!!!

Daines Fam said...

Wow Suz,
I need to come visit! You have made a ton of progress! Your piano looks great and I can't wait to see your kitchen. Can I come to Thanksgiving Dinner at your house?

runningcaj said...

Yea for new pics. Thanks. Your home is looking beautiful! I didn't know it was possible to paint a piano. You are so cool. Hugs!